QR is neither of them. Basically, QR assists wholesalers/retailers in meeting their sourcing/purchasing requirements from other countries. Team QR is in contact with the leading manufacturers to offer the best pricing.

QR fulfils orders of clients who want to import products from other countries. For instance, you are the brand that sells soccer balls or you are the owner of soccer club, providing training to children and adults, you can place an order to QR to provide types of soccer balls you want to import. You may place customized orders as well. QR has established strong relations with few of the leading manufacturers in the world. You can approach us anytime with your query. We will try our best to get you the quotation of desired products at affordable prices.

The process is quite simple. Just fill up the form available on our every product page. Give us all the details including the product description you may be interested in, its manufacturer name etc. We will get back to you soon after getting all the details. Alternatively, you can reach us through the contact us form.

We have developed sound relations with the leading manufacturers to import and export any product including cosmetics, vehicles, sports, organic, medical, and electronic. You can import and export anything related to these categories whilst following the guidelines. Fill up the form for quotation and other queries you may have for us.
It may be possible to arrange samples of products of your choice. However, you will have to bear the cost of it. You may request to put your logos on samples depending upon the nature of the product you are targeting.

This entirely depends on the industry you are operating in. Each commodity imported or exported should comply with country-specific, product-related compliance. Your local government has a number of programs aimed at assisting and developing enterprises that engage in overseas trade. Failure to comply with these rules may result in cease of shipment.

It is all about negotiation. From LC (letter of credit), 100% advance to 50% advance and 50% on documents against cash, you can come up with your options. We emphasize on creating a win-win situation for both importer and exporter. Usually, 100% advance is a go-to option for most manufacturers and traders.

It entirely depends upon the products of your choice. Airfreight is the best option for small quantities and can be transported quickly. However, if the weight of the shipment exceeds 500/1000 kg, then sea cargo is recommended.

QR can only assist in custom clearance in some countries. Customers are responsible to manage all documentation to clear shipments from customs. It is recommended to hire clearing agents to manage clearance and deliver bulk shipments to your destination. For more information, please Contact Us

Negotiable as per client’s convenience. Client will choose mode of shipment to their destinations. Team QR may or may not ship the luggage to destination, depending upon the location of  client.

It depends upon the requirements of your country of origin and  targeted country. Make sure to consult customs and other relevant authorities to prepare the right kind of documentation. Whilst importing and exporting, one will need standard documents like import/export license and tax certificates. Howbeit, each commodity might need additional documentation to import or export.

This question is usually asked and there is no perfect answer. If you start new business, you need to educate yourself regarding the latest trends. You need to gauge which product is in greater demand and how you can cope up with the local and global competitors. Don’t start the business without doing a thorough research in your targeted territory and product.

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