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Organic certification or Quality assurance is a technique that verifies that the manufacturing process meets certain criteria. Organic certification is required for producers and exporters who want to sell fruit and vegetables with the organic label. To put it another way, certification is basically a statement that these items were produced in accordance with organic production guidelines. A certification body’s primary function is to ensure that these meet a specified organic standard (usually the one established by the importing country or by the certification body itself). The certification label is not a trademark, but it attests to compliance with particular requirements.

In most countries, however, the certification label is also protected as a trademark. Producers who want to sell organic products in a certain area may find it beneficial to get certified by a certification authority that has a well-known certification label in that market. It is critical to follow the rules and regulations of the country you are targeting.  From Stockholm, Sweden to Dubai, UAE, we are covering the whole world!

Fruits & Vegis

Fruits & Vegis

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