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In 2020/2021, top 10 importers of rice imported around 1,114,275 metric ton of rice. It gives us a fair idea about the quantity of rice consumed every year. China, USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Philippines are among the top importers of rice. Here at QR, we are dedicated to fulfill any requirement of rice from wholesalers or retailers across the globe. We are in touch with leading rice exporters from Asia.

Basmati Rice

This is a subcontinent rice variety with lengthy grains. It’s likely that you’ve had it in a curry. It’s nutty and aromatic, and it’s often compared to Jasmine rice. This is the rice you should use if you want to make your own pilaf.

Brown Rice

Brown rice has surpassed white rice in popularity. It can easily replace white rice in any cuisine and provides additional nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium, as well as more fiber per serving.

Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice is processed differently than rice that is white or brown. The hull is left on during the soaking and steaming process. The rice is then dried, the hulls removed and packaged. Due to the fact that the hull is retained for a longer period of time during the process, the grains absorb additional nutrients, such as vitamin B and potassium. It is dry and has a solid texture once cooked.

Long Grain

White rice in its purest form as the name says, long-grain white rice is long and thin, which also lends it a fluffy texture when cooked. The shorter the rice grain, the more likely it is that the grains will stick together. The longer the length, the fluffier the rice.


Jasmine rice is more nutty and aromatic than basmati rice, yet it originated in Thailand. Although the grain is shorter than that of basmati rice, they can be used interchangeably. While I frequently incorporate it into my Chinese fried rice, if you’re looking for a quick side dish, try my coconut rice recipe.

When exporting, exporters make sure that all of your export order meet the compliance and custom polices. Moreover, all the aspects like payments and delivery are also taken care of by us. From Stockholm, Sweden to Dubai, UAE, we are covering the whole world!

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