Do you want to import Kinnow or citrus from Pakistan?

Citrus fruit of Pakistan especially from Sargodha and Bhalwal is famous across the globe. Are you worried about oranges being squished while importing them? Well, QR is here to cater to your need of importing fresh and perfectly ripped oranges as we have taken various citrus exporters of Pakistan onboard. Our QR team aims to provide top of the line import services to our clients across South Africa, UAE, Turkey, Hong Kong and other parts of globe. Thus, they don’t hesitate to go the extra mile to get safe and sound delivery. We make sure that the oranges are packed in approved facilities and imported in accordance with the requirements of clients. Moreover, don’t worry about the compliance of complex rules and leave the hassle of paperwork on us. Make your way to us now as we cater to all your importing needs from processing, grading, waxing and packing at registered facilities.  From Stockholm, Sweden to Dubai, UAE, we are covering the whole world!

Oranges Importer & Exporter

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